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The tradition of carrying bouquets can be traced back for centuries. In Ancient Rome, brides carried or wore flower garlands, as they believed that flowers signified new beginnings, fidelity and hope for fertility.  In the Victorian era, lovers often sent different flowers as a way of expressing their love.  Each flower held a different meaning, and the exchange of flowers soon became popular and was linked to romantic love.  Flowers became a part of wedding ceremonies because of this romantic association.  Choosing your wedding flowers, specifically your bouquet, is one of the most important parts of planning your wedding.  The blooms you carry down the aisle help set the tone for the rest of your celebration. 

Choose your favorite Bouquet or ask for a personalized arrangement according to your favorite flowers and colors that's perfect for your wedding theme and design your own beautiful bouquet

*Please note that some Bouquet may not always be available for your wedding due to availability of the flowers, season or the weather.

Prices range from $150.00 and above, depending on the season. Some restrictions apply.  Please ask your Coordinator.

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