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A Boutonnière is a floral decoration worn by men, typically a single flower or bud. Boutonnière is the French word for “buttonhole”.  The most important accessory for a groom is a boutonniere, of course, and it should continue the style of the bouquet. Beach weddings are special and you can easily highlight your awesome relaxed beach wedding with a boutonniere. Aside from fresh flowers, you can also use Seashells and starfish which can also be combined with flowers, ribbon and whatever you want to complete the look.

Choose the best boutonniere to complete your Groom's attire or ask for a personalized creation to compliment your Bridal bouquet or your wedding theme.

*Please note that some Boutonniere may not always be available for your wedding due to availability of the flowers or the weather.

Price starts at $35.00 and up.  Some restrictions apply. Please ask your Coordinator.

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