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Flower Circle, or what it is sometimes referred to as "Circle of Love" or "Circle of Life" are made from fresh picked tropical flowers and greens from Hawaii.  Since the State of Hawaii does not allow us to erect any standing structures such as wedding arches on the beach, this is a perfect option to add a special touch to your beach ceremony.  The flower circle is created at least half an hour to an hour, depending on the design, with each flower placed meticulously one by one to create a really beautiful, romantic focal point to your Hawaiian beach wedding ceremony, thus adding to a great ceremony scene for your wedding pictures.

Choose your favorite Flower Circle design or ask for a personalized creation for your wedding.

 We can also create a Seashell Circle or Seashell Heart for a Seashell themed wedding.

*Please note that Flower circles may not always be available for your wedding due to availability of the flowers or the weather. Some restrictions apply.

Aside from fresh flowers, we can also offer Silk flowers.  Prices are subject to change.  Please ask your Coordinator.

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